Sunday, June 13, 2010

Huntington Library Museum and Gardens

Oh, if I had to choose one inspirational haven for me, it might just be the Huntington Gardens in San Marino, CA, near Pasadena. This dream-like property includes a rare book collection, grand museums of fine art, a museum of science history, and my favorite, the 120 acre botanical gardens. Established in 1919, these gardens include the largest collection of cacti in the country, an Australian outback, fantastic Japanese and Chinese gardens, a rose garden, the best camellia collection in the country, fabulous lily ponds, and tropical and subtropical collections. It is a magical wonderland that I recommend everyone visit at least once. It just makes you feel all "ahhhhh". The cactus garden is my absolute favorite. You feel like you're on Mars, these rare specimens are incredibly interesting with so many wonderful textures and shapes, and they are mature and well established. Here are some photos. I think there's a correlation between these lovely things and the fabrics and designs I like to create, especially my fascination with the 30s/40s Southwest novelty print fabrics!

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